Fun Bonding Activities for Metal Bands

Are you part of a music band?

If yes, being in a metal band means you have to spend a lot of time together with your bandmates in close quarters. And, it’s important to learn how to get along and have some fun with each other.

You spend hours rehearsing, writing songs, and performing for crowds of people. But, what about all that time when you’re not playing music? It’s just as important to take time to bond with your band members outside of rehearsal or a show.

If you’re lost for ideas to help your band members or team to bond with each other, we’ve got you covered. Here’re some ideas to get you started:

9 Interesting Bonding Ideas for Metal Bands to Try

  • Play some indoor games

Go somewhere to play some indoor table games such as shuffleboard or air hockey. This is a fun activity that can let you get time off the things you need to do as a metal band and build teamwork.

Invest in a table that your friends will envy to place in your music studio for shuffleboard gaming. This ensures that you can even play during the breaks you take off music while in the studio.

Similarly, air hockey is a perfect solution to relieve boredom and keep your band members active and creative.

You can have a mini tournament to make it even more fun. If there’re no table games, you can try some board or card or drinking games. The most important thing is that everyone in your band agrees to play it.

  • Cook some foods together

Who doesn’t love eating? Cook some meals together or have a cookout somewhere to make it an even greater bonding time for your band.

You can have each band member cook their signature dish. It’s even more fun if your bandmates come from different places so you can try different cuisines.

For example, if someone in your band is Mexican, they could make tacos for everyone! Have an offsite bonding dinner before recording. Recording sessions may be stressful, but what would help relieve stress? Going out for a nice meal after hours of writing songs.

  • Engage in some outdoor activities

Spending your time together inside a studio can be exhausting. So, go out and have fun to recharge sometimes. Go out on group bike rides or hikes. You might want to try playing different sports outdoors too as your team building activity.

Any sport is good. Play basketball or any other team sports together with your metal bandmates! It’s also fun if someone has different skills than you as it can help balance each other out in playing games.

  • Go to a concert together

Music is something that can bring people closer. It’s also fun if you meet other people and watch other bands perform. This might even inspire your next songs.

As you get to be part of an audience, you’ll be inspired to come up with ideas about what you’d want for a metal band concert.

You can try going to a band concert from a different genre too so you and your bandmates can have a break from your genre.

  • Watch movies together on TV or Netflix

Spend some time chilling out and watching movies. Consider this as your band’s creative break. You’ll be pumped to write songs or practice, but not all the time. So, make sure that your team has some time to recharge its creative juices.

  • Do Karaoke

Get up on stage and sing your heart out! Nothing bonds people like singing their favorite songs together in public. Enjoy singing everyone’s favorite songs, whether metal songs or not. Have fun singing karaoke!

  • Try playing a different musical instrument together

You can use the time while you’re waiting to perform or traveling as bonding time and explore new musical instruments! Give it a chance, even if you don’t think an instrument is metal enough; we all love music in one way or another.

Find something fun to do about this to break from metal.

You’ll never know if your other bandmates can play other instruments until you give other devices a try. Your fans will surely love it if they see your band so talented that everyone can play different instruments.

  • Collaborate on a playlist

Create an online playlist for your fans and share it on Spotify or Apple Music. Make sure that playlist includes songs that you and your bandmates both love to listen to while driving around town. Share the list with each other to blast your favorite music from your car speakers simultaneously.

You can give your playlist a metal name, like “Heavy Riffs” or “Guitar Heroics” or anything your mates can listen to depending on their mood. Add songs that are metal and non-metal to the playlist.

Make sure that it includes your bandmates’ favorite songs. This way, you get to know the musical taste of your bandmates. And, it’s fun doing something for your fans.

  • Try something together that no one in your band has tried before

Know what each person in your band hasn’t tried yet and do it together. It’ll be great being with your bandmates as each one reaches a milestone while trying something they haven’t tried yet. This way, you’ll also get to know your bandmates more, atop making memories about everyone’s firsts.

If you’re in a metal band, making metal songs is just one part of it and being great working together as a band is another. When you bring your bandmates together, it can be fascinating to spend some time bonding and enjoying each other’s company.

Whether you want to play games, cook food, do outdoor activities or go out for a concert together, there’re lots of fun things you can do with your bandmates that’ll help create bonds between all of the members. Which one of these have you tried?

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